Calories Burned Calculator

Calories Burned Calculator helps you find out numbe rof calories burned during various exercises

Want to lose weight? Wondering how many calories do you burn with walking or running or cycling or swimming? The calculator will estimate the amount of calories that you burn from running.

Just enter your weight and the miles run and press 'Calculate' to know the amount of calories that you have burnt and what our systems thinks about your effort.

A table of calories burned with specific activities like running, swimming, cycling and walking is also provided at the end. Stay healthy, lose weight and keep walking or running to burn calories!

Calories Burned by Running or Jogging Calculator

Note: 1 Mile=1.61 Km & 1 Km=0.62 Miles
Your Weight (Pounds)
Miles run
Calories burned


PS: 1 Mile=1.61 Km & 1 Km=0.62 Miles

Burned Calories

ExerciseApproximate Calories Burned
Walking (brisk)100 calories burned per mile
Jogging120 calories burned per mile
Swimming100 calories burned in 20 minutes
Bicycling (easy pace)100 calories burned in 20 minutes
Aerobic exercise to music100 calories burned in 20 minutes
Gardening (vigorous)100 calories burned in 30 minutes

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Remember - You do not need to always join a gym to lose weight. You burn calories in everything you do.

Taking stairs instead of lift, walking to the nearby grocery store instead of picking the car, walking in the office, running in the park nearby, cycling when the time permits, swimming in summers - everything helps you to burn calories.

Don't procastinate - just start doing something and you will start burning calories.