Weight Gain Calculator

Weight gain calculators tells you how much calories you need to consume to gain certain weight in certain time

You need to identify how many calories to consume to gain weight. The online weight gain calculator will help you in your weight gain journey.

A weight gain calculator is a tool you can use daily to calculate the calories required to gain weight.

Understanding your optimal weight is crucial for your weight gain journey. The weight gain calculator will help you achieve your goals by collating your data and providing you with a sustainable approach.

What is a weight gain calculator and what does it measure?

A weight gain calculator estimates the weight you need to gain based on your goals. The purpose is personalized guidance on gaining weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.

The calculator also offers insight into micronutrition distribution, helping you understand the balance between fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to support your goal. You need to note that the calculator is helpful at the starting point, but the results vary according to your response to diet and exercise.

What are the units for the weight gain calculator?

The weight gain calculator's key factors are your current weight, height, age, gender, activity level, and health goal.

The units of weight used are kilograms or pounds. A kilogram is a unit of weight, approximately equivalent to 2.205lb and 1000 cubic centimeters (cm) of water. According to the imperial system, a pound is a weight measurement unit equal to about 0.45359237 kgs.

The units of height used are feet and inches or centimeters. As per the imperial system, an inch is a unit used to measure length approximately equivalent to 2.54 centimeters. A centimeter is a metric system unit of height equal to 0.01 meters.

How to use a weight gain calculator?

The weight gain calculator will guide you on the number of calories you need to consume to attain your desired gains. You will need a proper diet plan and recipes to guide you with the amount of calories to be consumed according to your goal.

Ensure your daily estimated calorie intake, especially the macronutrients like fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, is distributed well and in a timeline to achieve your weight gain goals.

You must follow the dietary and nutritional recommendations and adjust them to suit your weight gain goal. Regularly assess your progress to see if you attain your desirable weight goal.

Weight Gain Calculator


Current weight:
Meals per day:
Calorie booster* (40% more calories)
Grams per meal
Grams per day

*Only if you are naturally extremely thin and have an impossible time putting on any weight.

Remember, this calculator just acts as a guideline, an approximation of your calorie requirements. Keep a close eye on your results and amend your macronutrient ratio and calorie intake accordingly.

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Weight gain calculator values

The values from the weight gain calculator will vary according to your information input and your target requirement.

The values from the weight gain calculator are information on the estimated calorie intake you must consume to gain weight to achieve your target.

There are two types of weight gain, namely:

Health implications

When you gain weight rapidly, it can lead to being overweight and obese, while a prolonged gain in weight can also cause health implications.

Some of the health problems associated with rapid weight gain include:

The weight gain calculator gives valuable insights for you to attain your weight gain goal. But it has a few limitations. If you have any underlying health condition, specific dietary needs, or concerns about your weight gain journey, consulting with your healthcare professional or registered dietitian is highly recommended.

The weight gain calculator is resourceful for achieving your weight gain goals. It should be used as a guide to attain your objective, but listen to your body and make changes accordingly.