Weight Gain Calculator

Weight gain calculators tells you how much calories you need to consume to gain certain weight in certain time

Do you want to gain weight? Our weight gain calculator will help you to decide the right diet with total number of calories that you need to consume per day to gain healthy weight.

You can gain weight by consuming lot of fat and carbohydrates. But such weight gain is unhealthy.

The ideal weight gain method is to keep a healthy balance of proteins and carbohydrates in your diet and exercise regularly so that your muscle mass increases as part of weight gain. Balanced diet and exercise would lead to healthy weight gain.

This calorie calculator is based on minimum cardiovascular exercise, approximately 3 weight training sessions per week and 20% more calories than normally.

If you gain next to no weight despite eating a healthy and balanced diet, you can try the calorie booster option, which gives 40% extra calories. However, start with 20% extra calories and if that fails increase your caloric intake.

The goal is to healthily gain muscle, not a lot of fat. The calculator below computes the macronutrient ratios for a healthy weight gain diet as follows: Carbohydrates: 55% of total calorie intake, Protein: 1.1 grams per pound of total body weight, Fat: remainder of calories.

Weight Gain Calculator

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* Select only if you are naturally extremely thin and are unable to put on any weight

Remember, this calculator just acts as a guideline, an approximation of your calorie requirements. Modify your macronutrient ratio and calorie intake according to the results you get.

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How to gain weight?

Weight Gain calculator can tell you how many calories you have to consume to atain your desired body weight but the question stll remains how to gain weight? There are many diet plans and recipes that can be helpful in gaining weight. Whereas some of them are classified as unhealthy and potentially harmful to one's general health, others are recommended by specialists.

Diet plans are made up according to the recommended intake of calories and it is important to point out that a successful diet is one that promotes physical activity at the same time. There are many dietary programs that claim to be efficient in helping underweight individuals to gain weight with no effort. This type of programs are usually scams as the body can only gain healthy weight due to a combination of more intense physical activity and healthy dietary choices.

Intentional Weight Gain is in most cases achieved with the help of diets, by consuming extra calories. Most of the diets that are meant to assist underweight individuals to gain weight are based on the extra amount of calories one has to consume every day. The calories intake that is necessary for a well functioning of the body is different for men when compared to women because of the different metabolism.

Thus, nutritionists agree that 1,200 calories must be consumed every day by women in order to provide the body with the minimum nutrients that are necessary to avoid damaging one's health. Men, on the other hand, must consume atleast 1,500 calories per daily. According to the FDA, healthy individuals who are not willing to gain weight should consume 2,000 calories per day. If you need to gain weight then you need to consume more calories. The exact calorie requirement would depend upon your stature, current weight and weight gain goal.

Use the Weight Gain calculator above to find out how much calories you need toto consume to gain healthy weight.